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Getting My Sh*t Together

recent apprenticeship opportunity that came into my mailbox (yes, I still subscribe to Taylor Pearson’s Get Apprenticeship newsletter, just to follow the trends and happenings) caught my eye with this line:

If you aren’t out of this apprenticeship and doing something challenging and crucial in the company in 18 months (if not sooner), it means you aren’t the right person for this job.

I consider having this apprenticeship with Jeff one of the most important moves in my career. I’ve been reminded of that often enough, of how lucky I am to be in this position. One of the more recent realizations is from the email correspondence with Ben Collins on possibly being a beta student for his new course. Ben wrote: Wow, that’s great that you’ve got the opportunity to work for one of the thought leaders in the GA space.

Yeah, it’s pretty darn awesome!

Yet, I’ve been slacking with taking full advantage of it.

It’s not one of those nagging feeling that Type-A personalities* have – always feeling like they’re not doing enough, not achieving enough. But a plain fact that I am really not doing the bare minimum (i.e. not even a headshot on LinkedIn profile?!).

I’ve been an apprentice at Jeffalytics for 15 months now. So by that 18 months yardstick, I’m falling far behind. I’m not sure what yardstick Jeff is using though. **Note to self: check in with Jeff on that.

I really need to get my shit together.

These past months had been about building skills. But I probably should start thinking about building a presence and relationships with others in the industry, which are definitely harder for an introvert who works remotely. But there’s no time for excuses.

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve finally got around to getting a headshot up on my LinkedIn profile. I still need to fill up my profile, content is still a bit thin. But for now, I feel less invisible with a publicly available professional-looking headshot.

I fixed up my work email signature. I could finally add a link to my LinkedIn profile, now that I have a headshot (and thus not look too much like a slacker).

I set up an appointment with an accountant to get my personal finances in order. He was recommended by a friend, after I mentioned I need someone who’s familiar with foreign income/ funds. Working remotely with a foreign company is not common where I live. Things like taxation, foreign funds, etc. need to be sorted out with professional advice. Asking advice from your third cousin with a quasi-similar situation does not count.

I started writing on this blog again, putting the schedule down in e-ink: I want to publish one post every week. I usually write on Sundays, usually with the intention of reflecting on the week’s work. I’m starting slow. New game plan: I will publish something even if it’s less than 800 words, which was the somewhat arbitrary (but not completely baseless) word count I set for myself previously. Previously, I sometimes struggled with hitting that target, especially if I’m not writing technical how-to guides. So I’m trying to set myself up for success.

I’m planning to go for meetups in my local area after lurking in online communities for awhile now. Checking out the local scene and trying(!) in-person networking. I actually got excited about possibly hosting a MeasureCamp in my city. I love what they’re doing. So, adding that to the list of to-dos.

This would be my to-do list for the coming months. Let’s see what happens. Let’s make it happen.

As I’m writing this post, Jeff’s words – agency business is a relationship business – constantly echo in my head. I need to get my shit together if I want to be part of this service-based industry.


*I’m not sure which personality type I am. Deferring to stereotypes in storytelling is always easier, more effective.

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