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Beyond Capacity and Skills

We’re in the process of finding a copywriting apprentice to join our team. Jeff is having the first round of phone interviews with the Step 3 finalists this week. Step 1 was application form; Step 2 was assignment.

After the Step 2 deadline, we received an email from one of the applicants asking Jeff if he could have another shot. A combination of technology malfunction and human oversight had made him missed the deadline. And he wanted a chance to still submit the Step 2 assignment and still be in the running.

Jeff wrote this in reply:

I wanted to see how the third step was coming along before deciding what to do with your situation. There are some awesome responses and enthusiastic people out there. I am confident we will find an awesome apprentice out of the crop. So at this point adding another project will both be unfair to those who completed on time, and make my life even more difficult.

But this isn’t about my convenience, it’s about doing what’s right. Before I have you go and complete an assignment, I want to ask a question:

How would you respond to someone who missed the deadline like you?

I really enjoyed this email and thought I would share it here.

More than capacity or skill, I think we’re looking to understand how someone makes decisions when we have a candidate goes through the application process.



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